Pivoting…not just for athletes anymore.

Well….I have some news.

I started this blog because I didn’t have the greatest experience as a student nurse. I wanted to be a voice of reason and calm, encouraging SN’s on their journey to becoming RNs. But then I read the book “The Nurses Guide to Blogging” by Brittney Wilson and Kati Kleber (this is a fantastic read, I highly recommend it to anyone looking to getting into blogging). This book helped me to understand what my vision truly is for Know It, Nurse and I realized that my bottom line is about happiness. I want nurses to be happy in their work and their lives. So I have decided to take this blog in a different direction. I’ve outlined it here.

I am not so naive as to think that I can single handedly cause people to be happy. In fact, one of my major philosophies in life is that one person can’t make another person happy. But I can provide a space on the internet that is devoted to bringing a bit of brightness to a nurses day. And maybe that spark is all it will take to start a fire.

I’m so excited to start this new chapter with all of you!

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