About Me

Hi! I’m Sarah-Jane, The Know-It-Nurse.

I am a Registered Nurse working as a nursing instructor in Canada.  I currently work in the areas of clinical and simulation lab. I love teaching nursing students, they always keep you on your toes.

I am married to my best friend (The Know-It-Teach…cause he’s a teacher. Get it??) and we have, arguably, the three cutest children in the universe, two boys and a girl ages 7, 4.5, and 2.

I made the decision to step back from my career a bit when I had my second child.  I originally worked casual in my old job (community palliative care) before being offered the opportunity to work as a Clinical Education Facilitator (CEF) and Simulation Lab Instructor. There are few things I like to spend my time doing as much as teaching.

But one of those things is absolutely exploring my faith. I’m a Christian and I love Jesus something fierce. There is nothing better in the world than a hot cup of coffee and open bible.  My love of the Lord has led me to my creative outlets: writing and music. I write this blog here incorporating my faith into my nursing practice, and I am the Worship Director at my church where I sing and play piano (well, kind of play piano).

Thanks for joining me here! You can follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by clicking the icons in the top right corner. I hope you learn something, laugh a little, and come to understand why nursing and teaching are so great!

All opinions expressed on this blog are solely my own (or my contributors) and do not reflect my employer or professional associations in any way.